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Document automation software for your industry


Ensure operations remain compliant while improving customer satisfaction

DocFusion® can add value in all industries that have Smart Document Generation and Automation needs. The generic benefits of:

  • Process Optimisation, using connectors and the dynamic rule based engine.
  • Customer Communication Management for custom communications and managing the handoffs between internal and external processes.
  • Connectors into legacy systems such as SAP, SalesForce, Microsoft and all others.
  • Streamed analytics showing frequency of events, timing, customer interactions.

Wherever there is a requirement for Document Generation, Automation and signature, DocFusion® does not only play a role, but optimises these processes removing duplication of errors and compliance risks.

Across all industries, DocFusion® adds significant value through enabling:

  • Increased Revenue
  • Reduced Cost
  • Reduced Risk
  • Increased Job Satisfaction
  • Enhanced Reputation

Incorporating DocFusion® document automation into operations workflows gives banks greater control over document production and template approval processes. Banks around the world save time and money by relying on DocFusion®.

DocFusion® is ideal for all types of financial institutions including commercial banking, retail banking, wealth management, private banking and investment banking.

From communication with parties outside the bank e.g. Customer Onboarding, to operational processes e.g. Statement Generation to collaborative processes i.e. Debt Review, DocFusion® can add value in all areas.

Being heavily document based, compliance driven with a need to reduce costs and increase revenue, banks are adopting DocFusion® as their product of choice.

Banking Benefits Examples
  • The generation of automated intelligent banking documents which streamline all external facing processes.
  • Increased revenue through frictionless and efficient Customer Onboarding. Revenue protection through reduced customer churn. Collections efficiencies through faster debt review enhancement and turnaround.
  • Reduction in cost resulting from the automation of manual processes. The automation of steps leading to full process automation.
  • Digital signatures resulting in faster turnaround times. The requirement for branch visits, print, sign, scan, deliver made redundant.
  • Reduced risk and increased compliance, through assurance that all banking documents are completed properly with all the correct approvals.
  • Reputation enhancement through an enabled centre of excellence for communications and the consistency of corporate image management.
Products to suit organisations of any size
DocFusion® Enterprise

A dynamic, template-driven document composition and automation engine.

DocFusion® New Dimension Products
Enhance your DocFusion® Platform with the following critical enablers
DocFusion® 365

Secure, high quality dynamic document generation in the Office 365 environment.

DocFusion® Anywhere

When internet connectivity is unreliable and for users in remote locations.


Seamless integration with an organisation’s legacy

Stream Analytics

Optimise the
quality of
and satisfaction.


DocFusion® CCM
a centre of
excellence for

DocFusion® Business Solutions

Reusable designs
for standardised
for rapid