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DocFusion® Accelerators

Enhance your DocFusion® Platform with the following critical enablers


Safe, secure, high quality and consistent dynamic document generation in the Office 365 environment

DocFusion® 365 was designed as many of our customers make use of Microsoft Office365 ecosystem. Microsoft provides their clients with applications and tools that can help them automate their business processes rapidly.

DocFusion® partnered with Microsoft to fully integrate DocFusion®’s document generation capabilities into the M365 and Azure offerings

With DocFusion® 365, clients will be able to combine experiences and capabilities with Power Automate (aka Flow), Logic Apps, Teams, e-mail, SharePoint, Dynamics or PowerApps.

DocFusion® 365 is designed for enterprises and that want to use Microsoft as their platform of choice, without the need to integrate DocFusion® with other products.

For the user who is 100% Microsoft, this is an ideal tool and can be acquired as an additional accelerator of the DocFusion® Platform. This makes integration of DocFusion® into Microsoft 365 and Azure seamless.

Please download it from the Microsoft store to try.


For users in remote locations and when internet connectivity is unreliable

DocFusion® Anywhere enables digital native capabilities in situations where internet connectivity is not always available and, at best, unreliable in remote locations.

For example, if connectivity is lost, or not available at all during a customer on boarding process, and they were not signed up immediately, they would be lost forever.

Because of this, the need for a mobile/tablet based transactional system which was not dependent on online connectivity was required.

DocFusion® Anywhere contains a subset of the DocFusion® Enterprise features, but allows for offline transacting across a limited set of processes. These processes all incorporate digital signature capability so the customer is legally compliant in real time.

Once connectivity becomes available or is restored, DocFusion® Anywhere immediately synchronises with the Enterprise system which ensures documents are stored in the enterprise system and interaction with an organisation’s legacy systems is seamless.


Seamless integration with an organisation’s legacy systems

DocFusion® Connectors allow seamless integration with an organisation’s legacy systems be it SalesForce, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics and many others. Our advanced connectors allow data retrieval and repatriation to the legacy systems without complex coding. This allows an organisation to make use of DocFusion® without costly legacy, or third party systems integration, additional license costs, and personnel costs.

DocFusion® Connectors provides the functionally required to transact external to the organisation and is not constrained by the need to develop costly additions to the more commercial off the shelf products.


DocFusion® optimises the quality of customer experience, engagement and satisfaction with real-time intelligence

DocFusion® is built to drive decisions that maximise value in all areas of your business. Optimising the quality of experience, engagement and satisfaction with all stakeholders by providing real-time intelligence. This intelligence is built to drive decisions that optimise value in all areas of your business. These analytics are provided for all DocFusion® touch points.

Streamed Analytics provide insights into documents created, documents shared, documents returned, customer interaction with documents and much more.


Maintains a centre of excellence for communication management

Large organisations have many divisions and departments with multiple legacy systems. This makes consistent and coherent communication very difficult with customers and other stakeholders. Communication is often uncoordinated and unstructured with differing conflicting messaging and different styling.

DocFusion® CCM maintains a centre of excellence for communication management. It ensures consistent communication management in a controlled environment whether to Customers, Employees, Suppliers or other Stakeholders. By pulling data from legacy systems and combining the messaging, communication is streamlined and customers/ stakeholders can interact seamlessly with your business. This eliminates the friction that causes confusion, irritation and churn.

DocFusion® CCM is the one point of truth for all communications to all mediums whether it be mobile, web, SMS or physical.


Solutions for standardised processes enabling rapid implementation

Where solutions are required to problems that are not unique to a specific company, we have built preconfigured solutions. These solutions combine reusable designs for standardised process sets that can be implemented rapidly. Understanding that all organisations have their own process idiosyncrasies, these solutions combine reusable components that are tailored to companies specific needs.

Products to suit organisations of any size
DocFusion® Enterprise

A dynamic, template-driven document composition and automation engine.

DocFusion® New Dimension Products
Enhance your DocFusion® Platform with the following critical enablers
DocFusion® 365

Secure, high quality dynamic document generation in the Office 365 environment.

DocFusion® Anywhere

When internet connectivity is unreliable and for users in remote locations.


Seamless integration with an organisation’s legacy

Stream Analytics

Optimise the
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DocFusion® CCM
a centre of
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DocFusion® Business Solutions

Reusable designs
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