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Document automation software for your industry


There’s no form too long or too complex for DocFusion®

DocFusion® can add value in all industries that have Smart Document Generation and Automation needs. The generic benefits of:

  • Process Optimisation, using connectors and the dynamic rule based engine.
  • Customer Communication Management for custom communications and managing the handoffs between internal and external processes.
  • Connectors into legacy systems such as SAP, SalesForce, Microsoft and all others.
  • Streamed analytics showing frequency of events, timing, customer interactions.

Wherever there is a requirement for Document Generation, Automation and signature, DocFusion® does not only play a role, but optimises these processes removing duplication of errors and compliance risks.

Across all industries, DocFusion® adds significant value through enabling:

  • Increased Revenue
  • Reduced Cost
  • Reduced Risk
  • Increased Job Satisfaction
  • Enhanced Reputation

For government agencies that generate volumes of repetitive, rule-based documents and forms, DocFusion® provides speed, accuracy, and cost savings—all critical to agencies being called upon to do more with less.

DocFusion® can handle virtually any type of rule-based document, including complex contracts, court forms, and lease agreements. Government agencies can deploy DocFusion® as a standalone program or integrate it into other workflows and case management systems.

Government Benefits Examples
  • The generation of intelligent government documentation which drives accuracy and efficiency in all governmental external facing processes.
  • Enhanced citizen management.
  • Efficiency in processing and storage of complex documents.
  • Efficiency in citizen communication.
  • Faster turnaround time in all document based processes.
  • Specific departmental benefits.
Products to suit organisations of any size
DocFusion® Enterprise

A dynamic, template-driven document composition and automation engine.

DocFusion® New Dimension Products
Enhance your DocFusion® Platform with the following critical enablers
DocFusion® 365

Secure, high quality dynamic document generation in the Office 365 environment.

DocFusion® Anywhere

When internet connectivity is unreliable and for users in remote locations.


Seamless integration with an organisation’s legacy

Stream Analytics

Optimise the
quality of
and satisfaction.


DocFusion® CCM
a centre of
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DocFusion® Business Solutions

Reusable designs
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