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DocFusion can add value in all industries that have Smart Document Generation and Automation needs. The generic benefits of:

  • Process Optimisation, using connectors and the dynamic rule based engine.
  • Customer Communication Management for custom communications and managing the handoffs between internal and external processes.
  • Connectors into legacy systems such as SAP, SalesForce, Microsoft and all others.
  • Streamed analytics showing frequency of events, timing, customer interactions.

Wherever there is a requirement for Document Generation, Automation and signature, DocFusion does not only plays a role but optimises these processes removing duplication, errors, compliance risks.

Across all industries, DocFusion adds significant value through enabling:

  • Increased Revenue
  • Reduced Cost
  • Reduced Risk
  • Increased Job Satisfaction
  • Enhanced Reputation


Companies need to deal with the complexities of supply chain visibility, responsible sourcing and geo-political influences on trade.

Innovative technologies such as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), require new systems and processes to improve business performance and agility.

With DocFusion® you will be able to optimise efficiency of plant asset documentation and maintenance activities. On the supply chain side you will benefit from being able to connect electronically with trading partners, improve data quality and speed and modernize B2B processes. All this while keeping content secure and controlled in one intuitive interface.

Manufacturing Benefits Examples
  • Stakeholder communication automation.
  • Maintenance of manuals, specifications and all technical data.
  • Efficiency in supplier onboarding and management.
  • Legal contract management.
  • Cost reduction through greater efficiencies.
  • Efficient customer on boarding.
  • Effective customer support.


Transforming real-world processes into automated workflows.

All corporates require process optimisation across the following key processes:

  • Order to Cash
  • Procure to Pay
  • Hire to Retire
  • Legal and Compliance
  • Intellectual Asset Management
  • Communications Management

While some of these processes are handled within the legacy ERP systems, it is rare that the hand offs between internal and external processes are handled optimally. Without complex programming and expensive licensing DocFusion® bridges this gap.

DocFusion® has highly evolved APIs that allow it to be integrated with any Database, Document Management System, ERP, Workflow, Signature and many other systems.

Corporate and Shared Services Benefits Examples
  • Driving and assisting digital automation.
  • Intellectual asset protection such as CI, Legal, Secretarial.
  • Business process optimisation in the handover between legacy systems and external parties.
  • One source of the truth for communication management.
  • Cost reduction through automation and quality control.
  • Reduced risk and increased compliance.


There’s no form too long or too complex for DocFusion®.

For government agencies that generate volumes of repetitive, rule-based documents and forms, DocFusion® provides speed, accuracy, and cost savings—all critical to agencies being called upon to do more with less.

DocFusion® can handle virtually any type of rule-based document, including complex contracts, court forms, and lease agreements. Government agencies can deploy DocFusion® as a standalone program or integrate it into other workflows and case management systems.

Government Benefits Examples
  • The generation of intelligent insurance documentation which drives accuracy and efficiency in all governmental external facing processes.
  • Enhanced citizen management.
  • Efficiency in processing and storage of complex documents.
  • Efficiency in citizen communication.
  • Faster turnaround time in all document based processes.
  • Specific departmental benefits.


Uncover new market opportunities and reduce customer churn with DocFusion®.

Customers are fickle, ready to jump to a competing provider if service needs and individual preferences are not anticipated and met.

With DocFusion® you will be able to gain efficiencies with automation and improved processes. DocFusion® will assist in building customer loyalty by boosting customer engagement with ultra-personalised communications.

Telecommunication Benefits Examples
  • The generation of intelligent telecommunications documentation which drives accuracy and efficiency in all external facing telecommunication processes.
  • Faster customer onboarding, upgrades, maintenance.
  • Offline contract approval using digital signatures.
  • Automatic FICA checks.
  • Less duplication, errors and cost.
  • Greater customer loyalty.
  • Fit for purpose packages for customers.


DocFusion® can help create a foundation for operational effectiveness, where you can efficiently manage the creation, review and approval of regulated asset documentation.

DocFusion® will help unify business processes and secure information allowing you to break down information silos, align processes and securely share relevant information.

Utility Benefits Examples
  • The generation of intelligent utlities documentation which drives accuracy and efficiency in all external Utility facing processes.
  • Faster account opening enabling increased revenue.
  • Digital signatures that ensure full process automation.
  • Accurate billing for all utilities.
  • Reduced risk and increased compliance.
  • Benefits across all utility types in intelligent document automation and signature.
DocFusion®’s Low Code Enterprise Cloud Platform Products
Generation and Automation

A dynamic, template-driven document composition and automation engine.

Business Process Management

Frictionless, omni-channel, hyper personalised communication.


Through-digital, cryptographic, tamper-evident and effective.

Enterprise System Connectors

Through-digital, cryptographic, tamper-evident and effective.

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