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Optimised document generation is a must for insurance providers

DocFusion® can add value in all industries that have Smart Document Generation and Automation needs. The generic benefits of:

  • Process Optimisation, using connectors and the dynamic rule based engine.
  • Customer Communication Management for custom communications and managing the handoffs between internal and external processes.
  • Connectors into legacy systems such as SAP, SalesForce, Microsoft and all others.
  • Streamed analytics showing frequency of events, timing, customer interactions.

Wherever there is a requirement for Document Generation, Automation and signature, DocFusion® does not only play a role, but optimises these processes removing duplication of errors and compliance risks.

Across all industries, DocFusion® adds significant value through enabling:

  • Increased Revenue
  • Reduced Cost
  • Reduced Risk
  • Increased Job Satisfaction
  • Enhanced Reputation

DocFusion® allows the automation the optimisation of lengthy and complex policy and claims processes.

Everything from standard Policy Generation to Claims Management. Not only can DocFusion® dramatically reduce the time it takes to generate documents, it will also improve the quality of your policy documents by reducing human error. Integrating with multiple databases allows insurance companies to generate custom documents and forms from existing files with ease.

DocFusion® seamlessly manages different brands and franchises and also manages all broker interaction where appropriate.

Insurance companies benefit across all levers of competition through the use of the full DocFusion® product suite.

Insurance Benefits Examples
  • The generation of intelligent insurance documentation which drives accuracy and efficiency in all external facing processes.
  • Reduced cost through seamless digital policy generation, signature and storage.
  • Customer retention through automated claims administration.
  • Greater compliance through automated FICA during customer onboarding.
  • Increased sales through a reduction in customer friction and greater cross-selling opportunities.
  • Seamless integration between insurers and their broker networks.
DocFusion®’s Low Code Enterprise Cloud Platform Solutions

A dynamic, template-driven document composition and automation engine.

Customer Communication Management

Frictionless, omni-channel, hyper personalised communication.


Through-digital, cryptographic, tamper-evident and effective.

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